With Medicare Open Enrollment Comes Chance to Reassess Care Needs for Seniors, Say Experts

Open enrollment for Medicare has begun, and participants have until Dec. 7 to make changes if they’re already enrolled in the program. Yet many seniors don’t realize that they should use this time to look at their existing plan and explore their options.Part of the confusion, say experts, stems from the many different choices that […]

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Addition of Mobile Usability Report to Google Webmaster Tools Spurs Speculation on Mobile UX Rankings

Speculation is growing in the search engine optimization industry that mobile capability may soon become a factor in Google’s ranking algorithms. The newest piece of evidence that mobile user experience (“mobile UX,” in industry jargon) will soon carry more weight came Oct. 29, when Google added mobile UX tracking to Google Webmaster Tools. “The new […]

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Eight great events that scare up some Halloween fun

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