Australian Skincare Line Made From Leftover Olive Oil Goes International

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A unique skincare line from a family firm in Australia is making big waves overseas, and for good reason. The skincare line isn’t just natural and effective, it’s sustainable: all the soaps, body washes, balms and candles are made from the excess left over from manufacturing extra virgin olive oil for cooking.

The Olive Oil Skincare Co. is family-run and all products are manufactured in a small factory in Asquith, New South Wales. The Australian company recently sealed deals for its products to be sold by retailers in the United States, Italy, Japan, Taiwan, China and Singapore.

Jo’anne Abignano, who runs the company alongside her husband Biago, told the Daily Telegraph that the skincare line is “being embraced worldwide.”

“What people like about it is it’s natural, and it’s Australian owned, made and packaged,” Jo’Anne told the Daily Telegraph. “Olive Oil has been used for the skin and hair back to the times of Cleopatra. It’s got natural antioxidants and it’s probably one of the best things you can put on your skin.”

The couple’s story started with their family farm in Hillston, which harvested olive oil from trees imported from Italy. Though the family already had some success with cooking olive oil exportation, Biagio had the idea to collaborate with a soap company to create beauty products from the leftover oil.

The family also works with an Aboriginal tribe to incorporate indigenous plants that have medicinal effects into their product lines, in order to clear up conditions like acne and psoriasis, according to the Abignanos.

“While topical treatments are essential in managing dry skin, treating skin with a diet rich in oils can also help,” says Chelsie Stettnichs, Esthetician, Hylunia. ” Olive oil can moisturize skin, offering healthy amounts of Vitamins A and E. If you have extremely dry rough skin try adding one or two tablespoons of olive oil to your daily diet.

The business became so successful that Jo’Anne left her marketing firm job to manage it. Popular Australian retailer David Jones picked up the skin care line only a few months ago, and almost 600 independent American shops will begin stocking them soon.

“We’re passionate about it,” said Jo-Anne.

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