Wix Web Design Tools will be Incorporated into Microsoft Office 365

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On Feb. 4, Wix.com announced that companies and individuals who subscribe to Microsoft’s premium Office 365 business package will also have access to the drag-and-drop web design tools designed by Wix.

These tools have been integrated into the the Microsoft 365 package, which also includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, and OneNote. All of the tools included in the package can be shared by multiple users working on multiple devices.

Through this unique partnership, users will be able to create and launch websites through a simple and easy-to-use site building program.

“Wix simplifies the website and mobile site creation and management processes, all critical for any business today, by providing enterprise class functionality to every business, no matter how small.” Avishai Abrahami, Wix co-founder and CEO, explained in a press release.

This announcement comes a year after Microsoft decided to close the public website feature that was previously a component of the company’s SharePoint service. Fortunately, current Microsoft subscribers hosted through that program will be able to redirect their domain to a site built through Wix.

Users will also have access to a steady stream of new add-on services for Wix that will enhance their ability to build website. Some apps are designed to improve the look of a website, and others are geared toward business management.

“A product like this could help some businesses, but web developers, content providers and search engine specialists will always be necessary,” explains John Diaz, general manager for On Top Visibility. “The creative and design process that goes into building a site is very fluid and requires a level of creativity that does not always mesh with out of the box products like Wix. Before a business decides if this type of solution will work for them, they have to ask themselves what is the primary function and goal of the site and does the theme offered help them accomplish that goal? Will the solution offer the ability to optimize the site for search engine rankings? If a business is in a competitive space, SEO and conversions are still critical in helping to grow the business.”

According to Abrahami, the partnership with Microsoft is designed to attract small business customers to the service, since web design is often a challenge for start-ups and mom-and-pop shops.

“Both Microsoft and Wix share the common vision of enabling small and medium-sized businesses to access and utilize cloud technology to operate all aspects of their business.” Said Abrahami. “Through Office 365, we are excited to provide even more business owners with an easy and affordable platform on which to create, manage and grow their business online.”

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