Three Suspects Busted Possessing 17,637 Pounds of Illegal Fireworks, Not Weirdest Thing Ever Discovered in Storage Locker

storage box
Three people suspected of being importers and dealers of illegal fireworks in Gelderland, Netherlands were arrested on December 9, after authorities confiscated 8,000 kilograms — or 17,637 pounds — of illegal fireworks in the suspects’ possession.

After a lengthy investigation, police were led to a storage unit, where they found the copious amount of fireworks. The operation, as one might expect, is the Oost-Nederland police’s largest confiscation of illegal fireworks in their history, according to a police statement.

Among those arrested were a 29-year-old woman from Ermelo, a 50-year-old man from Limburg, and a 59-year-old man with no fixed address.

Though the sheer amount of illegal fireworks is enough to raise an eyebrow, it’s not the strangest thing to ever be found in a storage facility. In Muskegon, Michigan, a man found a small box with a hand grenade. Instead of calling the police, he brought it to the Egelston Township Fire Department, where the bomb squad was called in. The Deputy Fire Chief then issued a statement reminding people that if they ever found something like a live hand grenade, they should call the cops — not put it in their vehicle and bring it to them.

Auction hunters have also discovered some amazing treasures in storage lockers, too. One man who paid $100 for a storage unit discovered a Lotus Esprit S1 automobile. The weird thing was that it had no wheels. The new owner eventually found out that the car was the same vehicle used in the 1977 James Bond Film, The Spy Who Loved Me. It had an estimated value of over $1 million.

The biggest, strangest treasure troves though are definitely celebrity storage lockers. Actor Burt Reynolds’s storage locker, which had been auctioned off, apparently contained such amazing pieces of memorabilia as the canoe fromDeliverance, a full size horse carriage built by none other than Dolly Parton, a framed letter from Reynolds’ doctor regarding surgery on his spleen, and a bill of sale for Roy Rogers’s beloved horse Trigger.

If you ever decide to try your luck at a storage locker auction, hopefully you find something as cool as a James Bond car, and not a jaw-dropping amount of illegal fireworks or a hand grenade.

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