The Grid Adds a Touch of Artificial Intelligence to Web Design


There’s a new web designer in town, and it looking to put the rest out of business. Oh, and it’s not human.

Artificial intelligence is entering the world of web design, in the form of The Grid, the first cloud-hosted web design platform.

The Grid is designed for those who want a nice-looking website, but don’t want to go through the effort of putting it together themselves. The Grid’s algorithm allows users to add content like text, photos, videos, and products, after which The Grid will put it all together for you.

It won’t just throw it all on a page, however. The Grid will arrange it, crop it and add color to it. And the site will evolve as you add more content, without you having to tinker with the code at all.

The Grid’s intention is not to provide web design templates, but instead to let the user’s content dictate the way the site looks and works. The website uses layout filters with a personalized look and feel.

The Grid not only handles the aesthetics, but also the SEO, automatically creating site descriptions, page descriptions, and page titles. The Grid uses the user’s content to create these descriptions.

The Grid will also customize your website to accomplish a specific goal, i.e. increasing sales or gaining more followers. The Grid will optimize your site for the job at hand, and continue to tweak it until it is successful.

As The Grid is promoting the concept of creating unique websites with little work from the user, with the brunt of the work done by The Grid’s algorithm, one wonders just how unique all of the websites will be. Launching with only a few different filters to choose from, how different can two technology websites be that choose the same filter?

“Big data drives how the future of user design experience is to be shaped to be much like ad sense for is for online marketing by Google,” says┬áJared Haggerty, Solutions Consultant at Databerry.

Much well depend on just how intelligent The Grid’s algorithm is, and as popularity increases, and more users get involve and customize their pages and layouts, the pool of creativity will increase, and the algorithm will have more to draw from.

Set for release in Spring 2015, you can sign up for The Grid for $96 per year, which will lock your subscription as $8/month forever, and ensure early access before the full release.

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