Prestigious Dubai Trade Show will Feature a Showroom for Car Wraps


Vehicle wraps are becoming an increasingly prominent form of advertising and design, and in 2015, they’ll be featured in a major signage trade show in Dubai.

Sign and Graphic Imaging (SGI) Dubai 2015 will feature an area exclusively for exhibitors to display creative car wrapping designs and techniques.

The car wrapping industry has been booming not just in the United Arab Emirates but around the world as well. According to a global analysis provided by consulting firm Frost and Sullivan, car wrapping generated $220 to $250 million in revenue just at the retail level.

Vehicle wraps reach audiences of every background, income level, gender, profession and age, and the average vehicle driven 15,000 miles a year will pass a whopping nine million other vehicles. Over 95% of Americans are reached every year by advertising that targets people in vehicles, and car wraps have been shown to improve business by an impressive 107% for some companies.

“Two enormous motives why car wrap advertising is so vast is that people respect intriguing art and graphics which captivates their attention; because we live in such a fast moving society, people use travel-time to make their calls, set their appointments and take care of business,” says Brandan Krieger of Alphagraffix.

“This medium definitely enables wide marketing outreach, and the effectiveness of the advertising as well as its aesthetic appeal has been the reason behind the recent surge in demand for car wraps,” chairman of event organizers International Expo Consults Abdul Rahman Falaknaz told Trade Arabia. “This is one of the most creative parts of our shows and the car enthusiasts can definitely benefit from the live car wrap displays.”

The CEO of International Expo Consults, Sharif Rahman, hopes that highlighting world-class car wrapping companies like Signtrade International, Strings International and System Middle East will increase awareness for car wraps as an advertising medium and design tool.

“Once the right awareness levels are achieved, car wraps will definitely open new doors for savvy automobile business operators who are looking at an opportunity to impress their customers,” he told Trade Arabia.

This year will mark 18 years of the high-profile SGI Dubai trade show, which provides a platform for sign makers, architects, media agencies and brand consultants to showcase their advertising potential.

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