Physiotherapy May Be the Next Evolution in Chiropractic Treatment

Close-up of laser treatment at physiotherapyEveryone somewhere down the line will experience the struggles of back pain. Whether it be from some type of accident or from the natural wear and tear of life, this pain can become so severe that it appears almost crippling to the individual.

Over the years, many treatments have been developed to rid the effects of back pain, including chiropractic methods, medications, and even surgery in extreme cases. Patented in 1957 by Dr. Clay Thompson, the Thompson technique is one of the most widely used procedures.

This treatment involves a specially designed drop table meant for adjusting to certain points on the body. After the area that needs adjusting is determined, segments of the table can then be slightly dropped, allowing the chiropractor to apply high speed thrusts with minimal support to relieve the tension in the joints.

However, according to The Observer, a specialist from the Life Link clinic in Namugongo, Uganda, named Peter Waiswa is working with a newer technique called physiotherapy for treating back pain, which has shown positive results. This method involves different types of electrotherapy, sending signals that interfere with the transmitting of neural pain signals.

One of his patients with more severe pain is Kasule Kawooya, a former professional squash player who received a serious back injury during a match in 1992. His injury was so severe that the pain prevented him from being able to sleep on a mattress. He would often find the need to sleep on the floor as it was the only surface that didn’t cause him constant pain.

The inability to sleep from back pain is another common symptom and can lead to even further back and other medical problems.

Waiswa has been treating Kawooya since 2012 and has seen great improvements in his physical health. He is currently in remission, with his symptoms appearing mild and with the potential to completely disappear.

Physiotherapy is becoming a more widely utilized treatment and has gained a lot of recognition from revered institutions recently. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy reports that the West London Trust’s integrated community service received an award for outstanding efficiency and improvement in health care from the Health Service Journal value in healthcare awards.

They aim to prevent patients from being forced into hospitals for treatment by offering physiotherapy to patients from their homes.

So far, the West London Trust has supported 857 patients to early hospital discharges and 424 patients before entering a health care facility.

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