New Resort-Style Community in Texas Centered around Golf Course Designed by Tiger Woods

Golf CourseAs more potential home buyers place a stronger emphasis on amenities in their real estate search, a private golf course in Texas is adding homes and several other perks to transform into a resort-style community.

According to Community Impact, BlueJack National, a country club in Montgomery, TX, has begun the first phase of adding homes and luxurious amenities as it makes the transition from golf course to private community.

Bluejack is famous for being designed by legendary golfer Tiger Woods. As the club continued to add other amenities outside of the golf course, developers decided to use a 755-acre site surrounding the course to build homes and become a full-blown private community.

“Golf is a common anchor in communities all across the country, and while we’ve put a lot of time and money into that, it’s just part of the story here,” Bluejack President Casey Paulson said. “Really what we tried to focus on here is a thorough set of amenities that cater to people of all ages.”

In total, there will be 386 private homes constructed with 234 custom estate home sites also being developed. Homes will range from $455,000 to $1.55 million, which is well worth the price considering some of the unique amenities that will soon be added.

Bluejack community members will have access to a swimming lake, ropes course, zip line, and archery range, in addition to the world-class golf course that is already on the premises. Private communities around the country are using a similar approach to development, offering a litany of recreational opportunities for families who desire more than just a house.

The demand for amenities has become so strong that some communities are even voting on what they would like to see added. According to NewsTimes, the community center in Newtown, CT, recently allowed residents to place their vote on what they would like to see added throughout the town.

Among the top vote-getters were a community pool and ice rink. There were also some interesting write-in options, including a cigar/poker night and a “clothing optional” section of town.

As for Bluejack National, there is no word on when home development will officially be completed. However, the community has planned a grand opening in April that Tiger Woods is set to attend.

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