Man Wearing “I’m With Stupid” Tee Shirt Arrested by 10 Cops For Wearing “I’m With Stupid” Tee Shirt

Assisting someone in posting bail or experiencing an arrest yourself can be a disturbing situation. The process demands financial and legal actions as well as high patience levels. What happens after an arrest is made tonight? When the inmates’ booking department takes in an individual, there are a few things that occur.

The first issue the arrested person thinks of is the bail bond. It would be best if you determined the cause of your arrest. You can do this by asking the officers in charge a few questions.

Ask questions such as “why have I been arrested?’: it is your right to know why you are experiencing the arrest. With this, you can pursue the bail bond process. In some scenarios, you may need to find someone who’s been arrested. With the advent of technology, you can easily locate an arrestee by searching from the inmate bookings search platforms online.


After being arrested, the inmates’ details are added to the roster in the jail facility. Before posting bail, you need to determine if you should bail out the person. This should be based on how responsible the arrested individual is. The person should be likely to attend all the court dates required and keep off trouble in the future.

Tee shirts have been a weapon of protest for decades. In the 1960s, people sported the image of Argentinian-born revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara on tee shirts and jackets. More recently, people have sported “Je Suis Charlie” tee shirts in response to the attacks on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and “I Can’t Breathe” tee shirts in protest of Eric Garner’s death.

But “I’m With Stupid” tee shirts?

A group of 10 police officers arrested Iain Fogerty of Queensland, Australia on January 8, charging him with public nuisance. Fogerty, who runs a Twitter handle parodying the Queensland Premier, wore an “I’m With Stupid” tee shirt while standing next to campaigners from the Liberal National Party (LNP, a conservative political party in Queensland).

“T-shirts are a great way to send a message and test your freedom of speech,” says Eric Uzelac of The Shirt Printer.

Campaign teams for the LNP and the Australian Labor Party, an Australian democratic socialist party, had set up opposing rallies on the opposite ends of a road in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, which was when Fogerty stood next to the LNP, indicating that they were the “stupid” he was with.

“It was just totally over the top,” said Clair Moore, a Labor Senator. “Rather than telling the bloke to just move on, they arrest him.”

Fogerty’s lawyer, Peter Shields, said that he believes the arrest for public nuisance was not appropriate or justified in the circumstances.

However, a Queensland Police Service spokesperson said, “There was a guy who was being disruptive, pushing people around and stuff like that.”

Judi Jabour, a campaign manager for the Australian Labor Party, said that the situation was ridiculous, saying, “All he was doing was standing there waving with an ‘I’m with Stupid’ T-shirt on and Luke Barnes, Robert Cavallucci’s campaign director, seemed to take offence.”

It should also be noted that arresting Fogerty, it seems, has only fanned the flames higher.

Moore also said, “I have been campaigning for more years than I care to recall and I have never seen anything like this before.”

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