Essential Fitness Equipment for Setting Up an Ideal Home Gym

While there are shortcuts to getting fit, a lot of times the results are not desirable and lasting. To achieve realistic fitness goals you need to build an effective fitness and exercise program, which often means investing in a set of tuned exercise equipment.

Several fitness exercises can be achieved effectively without necessarily having to use a piece of training equipment. Finding the right exercise equipment, however, can help improve different parts of your body and ensure engaging workout sessions.

If you’re looking to buy fitness equipment — whether on a quest to shed off some weight, tone your muscles, gain strength or improve range of motion, this list will help you choose the best home fitness equipment.

Building a Fitness-Oriented Home Gym

The three main components of any fitness goal are cardio or aerobic exercises and bodyweight and strength training. All three help achieve a balanced result while complementing each other, and they range from basic to vigorous intensity for different levels of trainers.

Cardio (Aerobic) Exercise Equipment

Cardio fitness equipment designed examples include stair mill, elliptical, spin bike, exercise bike, treadmill and rowing machine, and they are ideal for burning excess fat and weight loss. You can get them in either motorized and manual versions which allows you to pick equipment that won’t need to be powered thus utility bill shouldn’t be a concern.

Choose lighter versions of exercise equipment designed for small spaces and portability. But this jungle is also free for anyone who feels like spending on fitness centers gym like equipment. You can complement machine workout with manual aerobic exercises such as swimming, dancing, stair climbing and power walking.

Bodyweight and Strength Equipment

Another important fitness component involves the use of bodyweight exercise equipment which are primarily designed to maintain muscles and fitness by creating resistance through tension, weight and gravity. Examples of home bodyweight equipment include gym rings and pull-up bars which are very effective in building better endurance and upper-body strength.

Other types of equipment you can consider adding to your indoor gym are resistance bands, sling trainers, jumping rope, parallettes, kettlebells, dumbells, body bars and ankle weights. These equipment are also ideal for strength training because they target almost the same part as bodyweight equipment.

Bodyweight and strength exercises that don’t involve the use of equipment are pushups, stair climbing, squats, rows, dips, deadlifts, hinges, among others.

Essentials to Have in Your Gym

In addition to choosing the right home fitness equipment, there are essentials you need to have to ensure proper workout, safety and comfort, especially when starting out fitness training.

Gymnastic Mats
May seem insignificant and often overlooked when setting up your home gym, gym mats not only provide good workout surface but add a pop of style to your indoor gym. Mats provide a cushion in case you fall or lose your balance and are recommended for all types of exercises. You get to avoid injuries or hurting yourself while reaching your fitness goals.

Grip Enhancers

When using some of these exercise equipment you’ll need grip enhancers to offer proper grip and strength, increasing safety of handling gym equipment. Bodyweight exercises, for instance, require good grip pads for enhancing grip strength. Other alternatives include resistance hand-grips and liquid chalk.

Weight Vest and Dip Belt

If you’re looking to scale up your fitness level with bodyweight and strength workouts then you need a weight vest and dip belt. These workout gears may not be necessary if you are just starting out, but for seasoned trainers and fitness enthusiasts, they are particularly important.

Ideal for strength and bodyweight training, weighted vests and dip belts are designed to make the exercise tougher by increasing body adjustable body weight. Gradually increase the weight to avoid injuring yourself, and workout till your body adjusts to the weight, then you can add more weight.

Setting up a home gym can be challenging and it’s often a big decision that one has to consider a number of factors before venturing into. Having a home gym provides plenty of benefits and so it’s equally important to invest in the right equipment.

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