DIY Web Design Platform Wix Offers Cool New Features

Web Design Online Technology Working Office ConceptWix, the do-it-yourself web design platform, has rebuilt its editor. Now, there are a ton of new tools and a sleek new user interface, allowing users to build better websites easier.

One of the new tools — the parallax effect — has never been offered by a code-free platform before. According to Wix, the parallax scrolling effect gives websites “an added layer of dimension.” It’s a 3D effect that makes websites look cool.

There’s also full-screen strip layout that can help segment a website, background video streaming, and new templates. Users can upload their own videos or choose from the site’s library, both of which can play full-screen or in the strips. They can even be stylized with overlays or color palettes. The new templates are also a feature that can help users with absolutely no experience, as Wix can help pick one based on the user’s profile. For example, if the user is making a site for a coffee shop, Wix would show them the templates popular with other cafes.

However, as cool as the new Wix is, small businesses would be wise to consider all of their options. Web designers may cost more than Wix’s DIY offer, but having a professionally designed website could offer a much better return on investment.

“A website designed and developed by a professional (i.e. an agency) is absolutely necessary in today’s market,” Chris Wielinski, Managing Partner of Brown Box Branding Dallas. “There is nothing more powerful than a properly executed website in terms of search engine performance, brand image, and overall company value. Business owners can feel at ease by having an agency perform the work instead of worrying about building it and fixing issues themselves.”

Having a professional website is absolutely crucial in today’s business world. Research shows that almost half (46%) of people say a website’s design is their number one criterion for determining the credibility of a company.

That being said, a professionally designed website can cost quite a bit. In addition to the cost of web designers’ labor, there are also other fees to consider. A domain name runs about $10 a year. Web hosting can cost between $10 and $100 a year depending on traffic and the hosting service. Web planning and development costs at least 60 hours. Website maintenance can cost upwards of $500 a year depending on the number and type of updates. And lastly, marketing a website online can cost upwards of $750 a month.

Ultimately, it’s up to the small business owner whether to invest a lot or a little into a website. Either way, a professional website is an absolute necessity.

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