Clinton Plans To Switch All American Homes To Renewable Energy Sources


During a speech on July 26th, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton outlined her plan to increase the use of alternative energy sources in the United States. Clinton hopes to have every home in the country powered by renewable sources of energy by 2027, which would give her 10 years to implement the plan if she is elected.

Clinton’s intention is to install half a billion solar panels nationwide by 2021, which is a 700% increase from the current amount of panels that has been installed. She also aims to implement other sources of renewable energy — such as wind, hydro, and geothermal energy sources — and to expand the renewable energy market to produce at least one third of all electricity, which will greatly reduce waste emissions that cause health issues like asthma.

The ultimate goal is to transition from an economy that primarily uses fossil fuels to one that predominantly uses cleaner, renewable energy. Part of the plan’s success depends on Clinton’s ability, if elected, to create more tax incentives for those who switch.

In addition to incentives, Clinton says, her administration would enforce stricter guidelines for industries involved with the processing of fossil fuels. She stated that she will fight back the Republican efforts to take money from the Clean Power Plan put together by the Obama administration.

The renewable energy industry is one that have been evolving exponentially over the past few years. Since 2008, the cost of solar panels has declined by 80%, a number which continues to grow as more home and business owners make the switch. For those who cannot afford the switch to a renewable energy source, Clinton promises to make additions to the Clean Power Plan that will offer grants and other monetary governmental assistance for state and local governments, and for individual home and business owners.

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