GoDaddy’s Parody Super Bowl Commercial Managed To Hurt the Company’s Brand Within Hours of Being Released

Internet domain company GoDaddy has crossed the fine line between “funny” and “offensive” with a preview of its featured commercial.GoDaddy is no stranger to controversial Super Bowl ads; in the past, the company got attention by featuring scantily clad supermodels in its commercials. This year, GoDaddy decided to take a different route in its Super […]

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Madden’s Super Bowl XLIX Prediction Creepily Accurate

Every year, Americans bet more than $8.2 billion on the Super Bowl. Though many gamblers are able to win small fortunes by studying the two teams, there’s one expert whose analysis is eerily accurate, and it’s not even human. Each year, EA Sports puts out a little football video game called Madden, and each year, […]

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