You Won’t Believe Who Finally Joined Instagram

A timeless fashion icon will finally get the digital makeover she deserves. This summer, one of the most iconic figures in American history will debut a revamped social media presence targeting the next generation of Americans. Yes, it’s official: Barbie is the latest breakout Instagram star. In June, toy maker Mattel rolled out a new […]

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Principle of Last-Click Attribution Clouding Analysis of Marketing Effectiveness

When marketers advise businesses on how to spend their money, they look at statistics on effectiveness in order to tell businesses which marketing channels yield sales. However, one commonly used principle may be undermining the value of those statistics — and the decisions based off of them. The principle itself is called last-click attribution, and […]

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Pharmaceutical Companies Budget for Marketing, Not Research

Upon his return to television, comedian John Oliver wasted no time taking aim at pharmaceutical companies’ spending practices. Nine out of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies spend more money on marketing than they do on research and development. Only Roche had higher investments in its research and development department than in marketing. According to Oliver, […]

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The New York Times’ First Native Print Ad Features Slick Infographics, Augmented Reality Videos

Native advertising has been a staple on the internet for some time, but now advertisers can even look to print to distribute branded information that blends in with editorial content. On Nov. 19, the New York Times unveiled an eight-page section of native ads for Shell titled “Cities Energized: The Urban Transition,” which illustrates the link between […]

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Problem Solving Skills, Not Latest Technology, the Key to Successful Marketing

Which print, digital and mobile marketing techniques are still relevant in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing marketing world? Marketing professionals spend most of their time trying to find an answer to that question. But the Incite Summit, a conference held in Manhattan last week, encouraged attendees to think about marketing relevance in new ways.“The question you have […]

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