What the New Line of IKEA Furniture Has to Do With Your Cell Phone

It’s no secret that people these days have a penchant for their devices, so much so that pretty much everyone has experienced the frustration and anxiety of needing to charge one without having a charger handy. A new line of furniture from IKEA should help put an end to this problem. IKEA has just launched […]

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A Japanese Design Firm Just Created a Transparent House — And It’s Already Going Out of Style

If you’ve ever had the thought¬†“I like these windows, but I wish they were even MORE transparent to everyone outside,”¬†Japanese design firm Suppose Design Office has you covered — well, the opposite of “covered,” actually. At the end of 2013, the firm had created an amazing three-story residential building made of translucent walls, which allow […]

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Spike TV Announces Newest Furniture Design Competition, Hosted by Hip-Hop Mogul Common

What happens when you take a popular hip-hop artist and a furniture designing competition, mix them together, and turn them into a reality TV show? You end up with Spike TV’s newest series, “Framework,” which premiers on January 6 and features Common, an artist and actor who is well known on the hip-hop scene. According […]

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