Domino’s Now Lets Consumers Track Their Pizza on Their Smartwatch

What if you looked at your watch, and instead of learning that it was a quarter to seven, you saw that it was pizza o’clock? Thanks to the Domino’s Tracker smartwatch app, you now can.The app is Domino’s first foray into the wearable technology market, and is exclusively available on the Pebble smartwatch right now. Those who have a Pebble can simply load the app onto their watch, sync it with their iPhone or Android smartphone, and then watch the real time progress of their pizza, right on their wrist.

The new app is another example of the United States’ growing interest in track and trace technology. The United States Postal Service, FedEX, and the United Parcel Service all allow consumers to track the shipment of their goods, and have for years.

Track and trace technology is especially vital in the pharmaceutical industry. Just last year, President Barack Obama signed the Drug Quality and Safety Act into law, which charged the Food and Drug Administration with the creation of a national track and trace system for pharmaceuticals.

There are also several personal tracking apps already available for parents worried about their children. Life360, in particular, allows parents to keep tabs on their kids. It lets them check in and see where their kids are on a map, but it’s used more as a group communication tool than a GPS tracking app. It basically turns smartphones into highly advanced walkie-talkies.

The new Domino’s Tracker smartwatch app leads one to wonder whether tracking technology has reached a critical mass, or if this is just the first innovation in what may be a long line of exciting new apps. Whatever it could be, expect pizzaphiles everywhere to get it.

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