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Surveys Show that Millennials Are Finally Starting To Invest — And They’re Investing Wisely

Kids these days just don’t know the real value of a dollar… Or do they? According to a recent Bankrate survey, Millennials are walking a fine line between “penny pinching” and investing their money wisely. In the past couple of years, Bankrate said, Millennials had a habit of “clutching their piggy banks” — a response

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Heart Warming: Firefighters Build Garage For One Of Their Regulars

In the Meridian Township just east of Lansing, Michigan, one firefighter is going above and beyond the call

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Study Shows Opinion of the Elderly on Sharing Medical Information

A new study shows that elderly patients would like to continue to have control of their health information.

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Prince William County to Have Police Officers Wear Body Cameras

The Prince William County Police Department in Virginia is planning on outfitting its officers with body cameras by next summer. The Washington Post reports that Prince William is just one of several local police departments in Virginia that is considering the adoption of body cameras. In order to evaluate if body cameras are truly worth

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Massachusetts Web Design Company Moves Out of Founders’ Basement

A small web design company recently moved out of its founders’ basement in Danvers, Massachusetts. The Salem News

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Apocalypse Now: 666 is the Winning Number For Pennsylvania Lottery

More than 8,000 Pennsylvanians won the state’s “Pick 3″ lottery using the notorious combination 666. reports that though the end of days isn’t here just yet, 8,333 players in last Saturday’s Pick 3 drawing won a total of $2.08 million using the demonic combo. 666, of course, refers to symbol of “the Beast” in

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‘Fat Jewish’ Instagram Star Gets Modeling Contract, TV Show Development, and Book Deal

Josh Ostrovsky plans to be everywhere someday soon, and he wants his fame to get so out of

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Vacation in Bahamas Despite Ongoing Divorce

Hollywood power-couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were spotted in their vacation home in the Bahamas earlier this month after announcing they are seeking a divorce. E! Online reports that the celebrities went to the Bahamas with their three children for a “family trip” even though Affleck and Garner are going through a divorce. Paparazzi

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61 Year-Old Woman Sentenced to Six Months in Prison For Counterfeiting Operation

On June 2nd, a 61-year-old woman was sentenced to six months in federal prison for her part in

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Chiropractor Sentenced to Five Months in Prison After Fraudulent Insurance Claim

A Pennsylvanian chiropractor is being prosecuted for a fraudulent insurance claim after an accident in Maryland. Larry Herman has pleaded guilty in a Pennsylvania court to filing false health care statements, which is a felony. These statements were filed as a fraudulent automobile accident claim to USAA insurance in May 2012, after he sustained injuries

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Why Faith-Based Entertainment Remains Largely Absent From Comic-Con

Every summer, San Diego Comic-Con brings some of the biggest names in geekdom royalty together to one place

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Study: How Do Destination Weddings Actually Save Money?

A perhaps counterintuitive new study reveals that the main reason couples choose destination weddings is to save money. In fact, a destination wedding can lead to savings of between $9,000 and $11,000 on average for couples exchanging “I Do’s” in exotic locales. On average, couples spend $28,385 on a wedding ceremony and reception, but booking

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Health System Responds to Lawsuit That Alleges Wrongful Termination of Doctor

Last month, health system Mercy Springfield and its president, Alan Scarrow, denied allegations in federal court that they

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5 Summer Health Concerns Doctors Warn About

Summer is upon us — and doctors are warning against summer-related health issues. While we may absolutely love being out in the warm weather, it comes with many health risks specific to the season. Here are the concerns you need to keep in mind while enjoying all of your favorite summer activities: Athlete’s Foot- Caused

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Make The Most of Your Retirement With National Parks

At least 81% of retirees will tell you that good health is the most crucial element to a

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Trucker Prepares Vegan Meals on the Road, Sheds 65 Pounds

Bobby Anderson is a typical Mississippi long haul trucker, spending an average of 14 hours a day on the road, six days a week. After getting fed up with the toll his grueling schedule was taking on his physique, Anderson adopted a vegan diet and was able to shed an impressive 65 pounds while on

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New Plastic Surgery Technique is Safer and Less Invasive

In recent years, our society has moved toward an era where we value beauty more than anything. We

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The Real Reason Why Your Office is Ridiculously Cold During the Summer

It’s something we’ve all wondered during the summer as we make the step from the scorching outdoor heat

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Anheuser-Busch Cutting Down Water Consumption at Van Nuys Brewery

In recent years, water efficiency and energy usage has been a hot topic. With issues like the California

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Chlorine By Itself Does Not Cause Irritation, CDC Study Finds

According to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), chlorine by itself does