homepageApril 17, 2015

Los Angeles Prepares to Test New Parking Signs

Los Angeles is infamous for its driving conditions, with millions of natives and nonresidents alike struggling with its

homepageApril 14, 2015

Ohio Man Sentenced to 59 Months After Extensive Roofing Scam

Roof repairs are an unfortunately common service in the United States, especially in areas prone to storm damage

homepageApril 14, 2015

Rhonda Rousey Visits Albany to Lobby for MMA Legalization

Mixed martial arts is a popular sport, drawing the attention of millions of fans across the United States

BlogApril 14, 2015

USPTO Celebrates 225 Years of American Patents and Grants Its 9 Millionth Patent the Same Week

Already this month, the United State Patent and Trademark Office celebrated two incredible milestones. On April 10, the

homepageApril 10, 2015

Smart Appliances are Shrinking

Homeowners who wish to update their kitchens without breaking the bank should get ready to rejoice. Two separate

homepageApril 9, 2015

Minneapolis Issues Request For Proposals For East Side Property

The City of Minneapolis has recently released a request for proposals (RFP) on a long, narrow strip of

BlogApril 8, 2015

More Fences Will Be Installed in the Arkansas County Independent School District to Protect Students

The trustees of the Arkansas County Independent School District decided to approve a bid for fencing replacement services

homepageApril 3, 2015

How the Pure Michigan Tourism Campaign Is Helping Michigan’s Economy

New technology may not be the first industry that comes to mind when you think of businesses that

BlogApril 3, 2015

Trenchless Piping Part of Strategy For Old Town Temecula Restorations

Renovations of the historic Old Town Temecula district in southern California will need additional funding and time after

UncategorizedApril 3, 2015

Never Have Your Pupils Dilated Again With This New Device

When looking directly at an object, an individual’s peripheral vision will appear blurry in order to allow the

UncategorizedApril 1, 2015

Amazon Calls FAA Out for Delayed Drone Approval

One of the world’s largest industries is transportation and shipping, and its sectors range from trucks to airplanes,

BlogApril 1, 2015

New Zealand’s Largest Childcare Company Becomes a Charity

While the term “corporate childcare” may seem like a misnomer to some, others will associate this word with

homepageApril 1, 2015

Could Enjoying One Glass of Wine Harm Your Teeth?

A new study has found that drinking wine can wreak havoc on one’s teeth in a mere matter

homepageMarch 31, 2015

Cloud Computing Systems Used By Federal Agencies May Not Be Up to Federal Standards

While cloud-based information systems are becoming increasingly popular, many companies rely on outside services to help them manage

BlogMarch 31, 2015

FSU Exhibit Honors the Human Experiences of World War II

In 1997, Kevin Dougherty made a surprising discovery outside his father’s Tallahassee home: hundreds of photographs from World

homepageMarch 30, 2015

Pets May Get Medical Marijuana Rights in Nevada

If passed, a new bill introduced on March 17 to the Nevada Legislature will allow veterinarians to prescribe

BlogMarch 27, 2015

Taco Bell Likens Ronald McDonald to Despotic Dictator in New Ad Campaign

According to reports from the Burger War’s front lines, Taco Bell has taken new offensive action against McDonald’s.

BlogMarch 26, 2015

Government Will Ease Reporting Burdens Associated with Electronic Health Record Incentive Programs

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced Jan. 29 that the agency intends to update its standard

BlogMarch 25, 2015

Amid Protests, Brazil’s Pharmaceutical Industry Tries to Send a Message of Success and Hope

In recent months, Brazil has been rocked by controversy. For example, on March 15, almost one million demonstrators

BlogMarch 25, 2015

Two International Partnerships Will Test New and Innovative Processes by Water Treatment Companies in 2015

Water treatment companies and experts are involved in two separate efforts that lend their services to international communities.