UncategorizedDecember 19, 2014

Samsung Invests $17 Million in Electric Battery Start Up for a Less Flammable, Better Performing Electric Battery

As with any new technology, there are more and more advancements in the development of better electric cars,

homepageDecember 19, 2014

Baltimore Woman Arrested on False Felony Charges Has Police Misconduct on Video to Back Up Her Claim

In the wake of the grand jury verdicts over the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, in

homepageDecember 18, 2014

First Personal Injury Claim to Use Fitbit Data Heads to Court

Personal injury cases can be notoriously hard to prove, especially when it comes to claims that are difficult

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Brazil’s ‘Day of I Do’ Sees 2,000 Couples Tie the Knot in Sports Stadium

On Sunday, Nov. 30, as Americans were winding down their Thanksgiving weekend, or getting ready to shop for

UncategorizedDecember 18, 2014

Florida Man Arrested After Providing Dental Treatment Without a License

A man was arrested last week for reportedly practicing dentistry out of his Jacksonville home without a license

BlogDecember 18, 2014

It May Be Getting Cold Outside, but Home Sales Are Just Heating Up

Anyone looking to list their home might think the smart thing to do is wait until spring arrives,

UncategorizedDecember 17, 2014

3 Japanese Automakers Will Recall Half Million Cars Related to Takata Airbag Defect

Three Japanese automakers announced Dec. 11 that they will recall a total of 550,000 cars with potentially faulty

homepageDecember 16, 2014

How the Supreme Court’s Recent Ruling on Warehouse Security Screening Will Affect Personnel

On Tuesday, Dec. 9, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a temp agency did not have to

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How One Fake News Story About the President’s Daughter Created Commotion on Social Media

A fake news story about First Daughter Malia Obama spread over the internet this past week and caused

BlogDecember 15, 2014

14th Person Dies as Result of Last Month’s Lake-Effect Snowstorm in Buffalo

The Associated Press is reporting that last month’s storm, which dropped more than seven feet of snow around

homepageDecember 15, 2014

Auto Dealerships Struggle to Reduce Increasing Sales Team Turnover Rates

Sales teams have a notoriously high turnover rate, but when it comes to auto dealership showrooms, the numbers

homepageDecember 15, 2014

Three Suspects Busted Possessing 17,637 Pounds of Illegal Fireworks, Not Weirdest Thing Ever Discovered in Storage Locker

Three people suspected of being importers and dealers of illegal fireworks in Gelderland, Netherlands were arrested on December

BlogDecember 15, 2014

Experts Predict That Quality Will Trump Quantity in 2015 With Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, is there such a thing as too much social media usage?

BlogDecember 15, 2014

Google Rolls Out ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Label Worldwide

Google users worldwide will now see “mobile-friendly” labels in their results when searching from tablets and smartphones, SEO

UncategorizedDecember 12, 2014

Bye, Bye ‘Mad Men:’ Modern Ad Agencies Seek to Improve Gender Diversity

While AMC’s Mad Men has become a hit — second only to the notorious Walking Dead — the

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Doctors Worry About Flu and Enterovirus-D68 Risks Over the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is known as the official kick-off of the holiday season, beginning with a festive dinner and Black

homepageDecember 12, 2014

Justice Department Forms Cyber Security Unit to Battle Increased Threat of Cybercrime

The United States Department of Justice announced the formation of a new cyber security unit last week, in

BlogDecember 12, 2014

IT Companies Taking On Challenges of Remote Oil Site Communications

Despite global efforts to become less dependent on oil, the world still consumes enormous amounts of the product

BlogDecember 11, 2014

Solar Power out of a Spray Can? It May be Closer Than You Think

The concept of spray-on tans and spray-on tattoos probably isn’t so far fetched to most people, but spray-on

BlogDecember 10, 2014

Shipping Container Homes: the Future of Homebuilding?

Would you live in a home made of shipping containers? While the housing market has been steadily improving,