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Improving the Energy Efficiency of Gaming PCs Could Save $18 Billion by 2020

There are multiple way to make your home more energy efficient. You can replace poor quality windows to

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Caregivers Ask for Aid in Sustaining Their Loved Ones’ Health

It’s easy for many people to sympathize with Alzheimer’s patients. However, one demographic that is often overlooked are

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Old Artifacts the Basis of Indian Woman’s Innovative Business

Anusha Yadav started the Indian Memory Project in 2010 to celebrate her love for photographs, historical stories, and

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Blueberries Could Improve Your Oral Health, But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Another natural extract is making the rounds in the medical community, this time promising to help fight nasty dental conditions that can drastically impact your pearly whites. According to Daily Rx News, scientists from the Université Laval in Quebec have found that compounds in blueberries called polyphenols may stop oral bacteria from growing. The study

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Sleep Apnea May be Eased by Sinus Surgery

When you struggle with sinus troubles, it can be difficult to breathe well enough to get a good

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North Carolina Couple Wins $10 Million Scratch-Off, Largest Prize in History of State’s Education Lottery

When most people play scratch-offs, they typically only win a few bucks. A North Carolina couple, however, recently

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Audit Finds Uncredentialed Teachers, and Sloppy Bookkeeping at Washington’s First Charter School

According to a new report from a Washington auditor, the state’s first charter school has sloppy bookkeeping, improperly

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Russia to Conduct Radiation Research

Rosatom, which is Russia’s main nuclear power concern, had signed an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency

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Wine Mogul Plans Historic Project to Breed 10,000 New Grape Varieties

Randall Grahm has spent the majority of his life in the wine industry. He started sweeping the floors of the Wine Merchant in Beverly Hills when he was still a student at UC Santa Cruz and started his own vineyard in Bonny Doon soon after finishing school. The man that since became known for his

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Could Ariana Grande’s Ponytail Be Hiding Something? Her Hair Stylist Weighs In

Singer Ariana Grande was under the weather this week, but according to OK! magazine, that might not be

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Forget the Porn Scholarship, Now Pornhub is Launching a Fashion Line

Porn. Love it or hate it, it doesn’t have a great reputation. If you fall into the latter

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Extreme Flooding Throughout Western Wisconsin Causes Millions of Dollars in Damages

The Wisconsin Emergency Operations Center has been working tirelessly for over three days to clear roads and assess damages caused by major flooding throughout the region. According to local news affiliate WEAU, heavy rains led to destructive flooding throughout Western Wisconsin, from Osseo, to Strum, and parts of Buffalo, Clark, Jackson, and Trempealeau counties. The

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Back-To-School Shopping Creating New Stress In Parents

Back-to-school season is creating new stress for parents, according to a recent report from Fortune. With the average

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University of California Sued by Former Football Player for Medical Malpractice

Bernard Hicks played safety for the University of California football team from 2004 to 2008. According to a

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Rest in Space? Space Company Says Lunar Burial is a Go for Launch

For almost two decades, it’s been possible to send your remains into outer space, where they circle the planet in low-Earth orbit. In some cases, they eventually return to the atmosphere, returning to the Earth as a “shooting star.” But this August, two companies are making international headlines to take it one step further and

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Kanye for President?

Those tuning in to the 2015 MTV VMAs saw their fair share of action. From Taylor Swift and

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Couple Travels the World for One Whole Year, and You Won’t Believe How They Did It

When Mark and Britnee Johnson took a trip to Vietnam in 2011, they found that the two weeks they spent on vacation just wasn’t enough. So the couple, who were profiled on Forbes.com, did what many people do once they catch the travel bug: they planned for a longer trip and saved some pennies. But

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Governor Cuomo’s New App Brings the New York State Fair Into the 21st Century

The annual New York State Fair is in full swing, offering concerts, rides, baby farm animals, and of