UncategorizedFebruary 8, 2016

Every Presidential Candidate Has to Get Around the Country Somehow and They’re Spending a Lot to Do it

Not only is he currently leading in many national polls, despite his recent second place finish in the

UncategorizedFebruary 5, 2016

Utahns Flock to Idaho for Lottery Tickets as Powerball Jackpot Soars Over $1 Billion

Powerball fever is sweeping the nation, and Utah residents who want their chance at the historic jackpot are

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New Synthetic Cannibas Pill May Treat Sleep Apnea

There are a few options for treating sleep apnea, including new or used CPAP machines, but there’s one

UncategorizedFebruary 1, 2016

Dozens of Wal-Mart Store Closings Are Ruining Local Communities

The community of Fairfield, Alabama is already wondering how residents will manage to access food and healthcare products when its

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GE Releases Smartphone Capable Pizza Oven

General Electric has released a pizza oven that is raising eyebrows all over the internet. The GE oven,

UncategorizedJanuary 28, 2016

What’s Bad for the Stock Market May Be Good for Homebuyers

Since the financial crisis in 2008, the housing market has seen little stability. However, according to the M

homepageJanuary 27, 2016

All-Natural Charcoal Deodorant Takes Marketplace by Storm

Two childhood friends have graduated from lemonade stands to sold-out stock on their latest invention: all natural deodorant.

homepageJanuary 25, 2016

Fraudulent Car Inspection Stickers Leave Unsafe Cars on the Road

In New York State, cars must pass an annual inspection to remain on the road. It is a

BlogJanuary 25, 2016

Apple Is Raising the Price of Apps in Select Locations

It’s just the way it goes. In order to cover the cost to develop an app, mobile designers

UncategorizedJanuary 25, 2016

Botox Could Do Much More Than Eliminate Wrinkles

Botox may be useful for more than simply reducing wrinkles. As Temple Daily News of Bell County, TX, reports, Botox

UncategorizedJanuary 20, 2016

Energy Efficient Improvements Could Be as Beneficial to Finances as They Are to the Environment

With the recent focus on environmental conservation, homeowners retrofitting their houses to be more energy efficient are not

BlogJanuary 14, 2016

Online Dating Experts Give Tips to Help Users Stay Safe on the Internet

As online dating continues to surpass real-life interactions as the preferred option for many singles, some relationship experts

BlogJanuary 14, 2016

With Cancellations Up, Paris Will Likely Hold Greatest Vacation Value During 2016

Many travelers have decided to cancel their vacations to Paris following the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks — but

UncategorizedJanuary 12, 2016

Researchers Create Marriage Counseling Computer to Identify Problems in Relationships

It seems as if everything is “going digital” these days, and therapy is no exception. Now, couples can

UncategorizedJanuary 11, 2016

Rushwork’s Newest Product: Camera Tally System

Rushworks, one of the leading technology production companies focusing on television and streaming options, recently announced a new

UncategorizedJanuary 8, 2016

Two West Virginian Women Compete in an International Whitewater Rafting Race

Two West Virginian women paddled their way to a place on the U.S. Whitewater Raft Team. A remarkable

UncategorizedJanuary 6, 2016

Truckers with Sleep Apnea May Be Subject to New Federal Regulations

A new set of federal regulations could have more truckers headed to their doctors for sleep apnea evaluations.

UncategorizedJanuary 6, 2016

Fire Marshals and Experts Nationwide Warn Against Holiday Fire Hazards

Although the weather may vary across the United States this holiday season, there’s one thing that all homeowners,

UncategorizedJanuary 6, 2016

How the Holiday Season Often Reveals Addiction Issues Within Families

For many people across the country, the holiday season is the one time of the year when we

UncategorizedJanuary 5, 2016

Children Who Don’t Receive Preventative Dental Care Are at a Higher Risk of Developing Cavities

According to a recent study conducted by the Delta Dental Foundation that analyzed more than 97 million dental