BlogApril 1, 2015

New Zealand’s Largest Childcare Company Becomes a Charity

While the term “corporate childcare” may seem like a misnomer to some, others will associate this word with

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Could Enjoying One Glass of Wine Harm Your Teeth?

A new study has found that drinking wine can wreak havoc on one’s teeth in a mere matter

homepageMarch 31, 2015

Cloud Computing Systems Used By Federal Agencies May Not Be Up to Federal Standards

While cloud-based information systems are becoming increasingly popular, many companies rely on outside services to help them manage

BlogMarch 31, 2015

FSU Exhibit Honors the Human Experiences of World War II

In 1997, Kevin Dougherty made a surprising discovery outside his father’s Tallahassee home: hundreds of photographs from World

homepageMarch 30, 2015

Pets May Get Medical Marijuana Rights in Nevada

If passed, a new bill introduced on March 17 to the Nevada Legislature will allow veterinarians to prescribe

BlogMarch 27, 2015

Taco Bell Likens Ronald McDonald to Despotic Dictator in New Ad Campaign

According to reports from the Burger War’s front lines, Taco Bell has taken new offensive action against McDonald’s.

BlogMarch 26, 2015

Government Will Ease Reporting Burdens Associated with Electronic Health Record Incentive Programs

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced Jan. 29 that the agency intends to update its standard

BlogMarch 25, 2015

Amid Protests, Brazil’s Pharmaceutical Industry Tries to Send a Message of Success and Hope

In recent months, Brazil has been rocked by controversy. For example, on March 15, almost one million demonstrators

BlogMarch 25, 2015

Two International Partnerships Will Test New and Innovative Processes by Water Treatment Companies in 2015

Water treatment companies and experts are involved in two separate efforts that lend their services to international communities.

UncategorizedMarch 24, 2015

Connection Between Back Pain and Depression May Be Genetically Influenced, Twin Study Suggests

Back pain and depression have been strongly correlated across numerous studies, often causing diagnostic and treatment challenges for

homepageMarch 24, 2015

Craft Beer Market Share is in the Double Digits for the First Time Ever

A recent report from the American Brewer’s Association has revealed what many Americans already know — that craft

BlogMarch 23, 2015

Man Who Used Fake Name to Get Gallbladder Surgery Faces Three Years in Prison

Richard Scott Harris now faces three years in prison after using a false name, birth date, and social

BlogMarch 23, 2015

What are ‘Bee Lawns,’ and Why Are They the Hot New Trend in Lawn Care?

That perfect, turf-like lawn may be the ideal for many homeowners, but it doesn’t hold the same appeal

BlogMarch 20, 2015

More American Drivers Are Realizing That Current Traffic Violation Fines May Promote Injustice, Rather Than Encourage Safety

As much as drivers complain about traffic laws in the U.S., a small glimpse into Finland’s legal system

BlogMarch 20, 2015

Oakland Software Company Makes Software For Pennsylvanian Hospitals

A California software firm is reaching across the coast to help hospitals in Pennsylvania improve their quality of

homepageMarch 20, 2015

Metagenomics Company Partners With Animal Digestive Health Firm to Study Canine Microbiomes

While biobanks and their innovative laboratory management software are typically recognized as vital to modern research, most studies

homepageMarch 19, 2015

Iowa State Senator Accidentally Eats Gourmet Dog Biscuit at Statehouse

Any baker or cookie aficionado will tell you that there are plenty of options for lovers of this

BlogMarch 19, 2015

Juniper Networks Plans to Incorporate Internet of Things Into the Data Center

On Wednesday, March 11, Juniper Networks announced its plans for the rest of 2015 during its Innovation Showcase,

homepageMarch 19, 2015

Self-Driving Cars Could Reduce Accidents by 90% in U.S., According to New Study

According to a new study, the rise of driverless cars could lead to a 90% reduction in auto

homepageMarch 18, 2015

More Than $30,000 in Tables, Supplies Stolen from Charity Rummage Sale

Although the Upscale Rummage Sale in Lake Forest, IL, isn’t happening until April 23 through 25, the charity