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Marriage Rate to Hit 100-Year Low

While many wedding traditions are still going strong — 84% of brides are even still incorporating old, new, borrowed and blue items into their wedding-day attire — it appears that the tradition of getting married at all might be stalling. According to the 2015 edition of the U.S. Wedding Forecast by Demographic Intelligence, the marriage

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Officials and Nonprofits Emphasize Boat Safety for Memorial Day Weekend, Summer Season

Officials and organizations in states across the nation have been raising awareness during National Boating Safety Week leading

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Marginal Reduction in Motorcyclist Deaths Only a Qualified Victory, Road Safety Association Cautions

An estimate based on preliminary state data suggests that motorcycle fatalities decreased for the second consecutive year in

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Michigan Considering to Allow Lottery Winners to Remain Anonymous

The state of Michigan is considering a bill that would allow lottery winners to remain anonymous if they

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Memorial Planned for ‘Docile’ Escaped Cow Shot by English Police

A community near Newcastle, England, has come together to mourn the loss of a cow shot by police.

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Ashton Kutcher Surprises His Mom With a Huge Home Remodel

It was a Mother’s Day gift that put most other Mother’s Day gifts to shame. Deciding that flowers

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Ashton Kutcher Surprises Mom With Home Makeover From Afar

Many moms were celebrated by their kids and partners this past Mother’s Day weekend, but probably few families

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Across the Country, Senior Citizens Are Going to Prom

It puts a whole new spin on “senior prom.” Across the country, a rising number of retirement communities

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Archaeologists Have Just Uncovered Evidence of an Early Hot Tub At a Roman Excavation Site in Bulgaria

When it comes to bathing and bathroom fixtures, the overwhelming majority (79%) of people today prefer space-saving additions

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New Uterine Fibroid Procedure More Important Now Than Ever

Every year, 600,000 women undergo hysterectomy surgery, a procedure that removes the uterus. That’s a staggering 12 women

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The U.S. Government Has Decided To Add Less Fluoride to Drinking Water, Citing Increased Prevalence of Fluorosis

For the first time in over 50 years, the federal government decided to decrease the amount of fluoride that is added to drinking water. According to the Chicago Tribune, government officials explained that Americans are getting more fluoride now than ever before, and that quite a few Americans are actually consuming too much fluoride. Fluoride

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Local Police Departments Warn Homeowners to Steer Clear of Patio Furniture Theft

Spring is in full swing, which means it’s time to break out the grilling equipment and patio furniture

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BBB Dishes Up Tips as Moving Season Looms

Brace yourselves — moving season is just about here. While moving onto greener pastures is undoubtedly an exciting time, the process of getting your things from point A to point B can also be stressful. Whether you’re moving across the country or just across town, moving is kind of a big deal, and an expensive

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Study Identifies Biggest Kitchen Contaminators

A new study from Kansas State University has identified some of the top places germs may be lurking

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As Climate Change’s Effects Become More Apparent, Air Conditioning Use to Skyrocket

During the hottest days of summer, having an air conditioner within one’s home can be a godsend. However,

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With $95 Million in Series D Round Funds, Docker Leads the Industry Using Cloud Container Technology

A San Francisco-based company called Docker, which is trying out the concept of a cloud “container,” recently completed its Series D funding round with a whopping $95 million, coming from big-name investors like Insight Venture Partners and Goldman Sachs. The company, which was formerly called DotCloud, found a niche in a cloud computing industry by

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Thailand’s Energy Consumption Reaches Alarming Levels — And Protesting It Can Be Deadly

In Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, luxury shopping is a way of life. The city’s central Sukhumvit Road

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Chevrolet Ad Blurs Line Between Print and Digital Advertising

Anyone who says print marketing is dead simply isn’t paying attention to the numbers, as business community website

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In Drought-Stricken California, Lawns Are Out

For homeowners in many parts of the country, spring gardening conjures up images of nursing a lawn back

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Illinois Attorney General Warns Homeowners Against Roofing Scams

After a series of tornadoes in northern and central Illinois, Attorney General Lisa Madigan has warned Chicago and